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Types of foam

There is a wide range of polyethylene foams available on the market, therefore you should learn more about their properties and their application.

PE foam – Non-crosslinked polyethylene foam is often used in the manufacture of packaging. It has properties similar to Styrofoam – it does not absorb water and does not leak air, and it also has heat-insulating properties. It is very recyclable.

XPE foam – chemically crosslinked foam that is often used instead of standard PE foam. Insulates perfect noise, but also temperature or water. It is flexible, lightweight and insensitive to damage. It works well in construction.

EVA foam – characterized by a smooth and pleasant to the touch surface.
Can be used wherever the appearance of foam is important – available in many colors. Used in the production of sports mats or puzzles for children.

EPDM foam – Extremely resistant to weathering and impact, has good sealing and insulating properties. It is used in the automotive industry as well as in the production of vibration-damping and non-slip coverings.

ESD foam – used to package and store components that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge. It allows distributing the generated loads.